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  • Go-to-Market & Sales Strategy

  • Pre-Opening Operations Strategy

  • Customer Insights


Want the voice of the customer?  Our expertise is to translate the voice of your customer into useable results.  Whether you need to determine the primary market needs, validate and build out a go-to-market strategy, or confirm satisfaction of your customers.  We deliver that voice.


Hotel owners/developers trust us to validate and verify, customer desires and requirements prior to major capital expenditures.  Our expertise is bringing the customer voice to the stakeholders to ensure the customer experience for a new build, renovation, or rebrand is next level.


Hotels, Visitor Bureaus, and Event Agencies choose PCG to build or facilitate customer advisory boards. We leverage our wealth of experience and network to provide deep dive perspectives and deliver upon cost saving measures or experience elevators.


Hotels and Event Marketers select us to support their event tech needs.  Whether its simple tech advice or full implementation, we provide the right solution from the appropriate specialist to ensure that your results are achieved.




Do you need to fill your short or long-term sales gap?  We deliver individuals with 10+ years of successful hospitality experience from the Director of Sales and Marketing level on down to fill any immediate or projected need.


Our experts have worked with GE, and others to build out an entire meetings management structure.  Whether your needs are basic or extensive, we can help you reach a streamlined plan to save time and money.

Festive Fireworks

What's in it for you?

Looking for targeted customer insights in the hospitality and events space? Developing a new hotel, resort, or venue concept? Need support to find the right event solution?

With 18+ years experience in hospitality sales and leadership, including service to one of the largest convention resorts, we deliver customized solutions for you. From facilitating advisory boards to garnering preferences to developing and implementing a targeted sales strategy, I and our veteran team can provide the service you need. Our insights and connections help you climb over barriers to take your hotel or event strategy to the next level with excellent service.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Our greatest joy is to connect people with their greatest potential. The group strives to deliver meaningful and impactful solutions.

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